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City Of Caterpillar's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
City Of Caterpillar

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hey, please buy my pink ipod [27 Dec 2005|01:52pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

shamelessly cross-posted.
because...why not?


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hey, what's up? [22 Aug 2005|11:48pm]

I just joined.

Anyone else in bands?

CoC has had a fucking huge influence on my band. I think we sound like them alexisonfire, envy, and yaphet kotto rolled into one.

I'm so tired of people calling everything screamo these days... so annoying.

oh yeah, we have Me-less demos (ooooold) up on www.purevolume.com/menastrees.

oh yeah, I'm Brian, I'm from Auburn Hills, MI. nice to meet all of you. You all have great taste in music. (duh, that's why we're here)

- Brian
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[14 Aug 2005|02:49pm]


___carcrashkids  everyone join!

I miss COC

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[31 May 2005|10:59pm]

malady broke up?
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[21 Jun 2005|09:56pm]

just joined.... coc fucking rocks.

i wish they were still around

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Free Street Theater [08 May 2005|11:57pm]

What:  The Ubu Roi Project is preforming free street theater
      A show based off of the Alfred Jarry's 1896 anarchist play Ubu Roi.

When: 6:20pm on Tueday, May 10th

Where:  Baltimore, MD
        The park between the 700 and 800 blocks of St Paul Street. by Monument street

The show discusses many of the political problems in our country: domestic, local, and national.  It goes into 3 political issues such as the ban of Gay Marriage, the asswholes running our country, and the shittyness of the baltimore public school system.  it would be awesome if you all could come!

Rock and roll, and support Street Theater!

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[31 Mar 2005|11:57am]

1) I do booking in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Bands, hit me up!
2) I'm unsashamedly posting to promote my band, The Dirty South Apocalypse, but I'm also interested in just getting some potential pen pals. Real mail is awesome, internet will also suffice.

At any rate, we are looking for people to either help book us shows for our tour or to come out and see us play when we come to their towns. One of the only redeemable things about this whole band promoting horseshit is that it might actually make it possible to meet fun kids elsewhere.

Our Band:
The Dirty South Apocalypse
The Label who put out our records:
Forever Escaping Boredom Records. and their sound site
Some reviews:
On my journal, linked here!
Buying our record from Rev HQ!
Buying our record from a smaller vendor, for those not-so-stoked on Revelation records!: some of the limited addition handsewn records will be available through Deadtank Distro. Their site is here. It should also be available soon through Nation of Kids in Gainesville

Hit me up, dudes!
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'new' song. the joy and the sadness. [26 Jan 2005|03:23am]
for those of you that already have 'driving spain up a wall' here's a new live unreleased song:


it's a sad thing that these songs will never see the light of day in a proper recording. they are brilliant.
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attn: San Diegans [24 Jan 2005|07:07pm]

Yeah, we're looking, once again.

San Diego indie rock/post-hardcore kids seek bassistCollapse )

x-posted like crazy, yo
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[10 Dec 2004|12:28am]

Hey I'm new here.

I had a request of a sort. I had a large percentage of my CDs stolen and I have had the biggest craving to listen to In Love With An Apparition and my Pg. 99 CDs were among the ones stolen and I can not find that one song ANYWHERE. I would be soooooo grateful if someone could help me out and if someone could they would be the coolest motherfucker ALIVE!!
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so i decided that i needed to join [16 Sep 2004|12:17am]
because this band is amazing. one of the best bands i've ever heard. that's just simply the truth. ok i'm done being a retarded fan boy or something. hi i'm billy. :)
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[06 Sep 2004|12:24am]

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Hi. [30 Aug 2004|10:37pm]

This is pretty strange. Kevin from CoC was my manager until he quit recently to tour with Malady. When I found out he was in the band I hadn't heard them so I just shrugged it off but he gave me the CD and it was awesome. I'm gonna go see Malady play on the 7th. Check them out if you like CoC.
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[14 Jul 2004|07:46pm]

[ mood | curious ]

hi, i know that level-plane sells
a t-shirt of cac but it does
not show what it looks like?

????can someone help

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driving spain up the wall [13 Jul 2004|02:52pm]
does anyone know where i can find a good mp3 of driving spain up the wall?? thanks
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[08 Jul 2004|12:09pm]
hi, i was thinking about buying some coc cds, but i dont know which to buy, i allready have the new one downloaded, but i feel i should buy it,,, also; how is the live cd?

and why did they brake up/when, and what bands are they in now?

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help us go on tour! [03 Jul 2004|02:19pm]

For the third and most likely final time, I'm reaching out to those of you who book shows or aren't adverse to the possibility of a band playing in your house. With Eyes Like Static/Red Sky at Morning California Tour 2004 is only about a week away, and we still haven't gotten confirmation on some of our shows, so anyone that can help out, please do. WELS = ex-Box the Compass, RiYL Under a Dying Sun, Hot Cross, Fugazi. RSAM = ex-no one important, RiYL Drive Like Jehu, City of Caterpillar, Mogwai. Both bands have mp3s online, here and here.

Our schedule so far...
July 12 : San Diego (help!)
July 13 : Los Angeles (help!)
July 14 : Los Angeles / Bakersfield (help!)
July 15 : Fresno @ Lauren's House, 548 E Olive Avenue, 6pm
July 16 : Stockton @ the Yard House, 340 S. Olive, 6pm
July 17 : San Francisco @ the Balazo Gallery, 2811 Mission St, 7:30pm, w/ a Day in Black and White
July 18 : San Francisco (help!)
July 19 : Sacramento @ West Coast Worldwide, 1908 16th St, 7:30pm, w/ the Blue Letter
July 20 : Livermore @ Unity Skate Shop, 2188 Railroad Ave, 7pm
July 21 : San Jose / Santa Cruz (help!)
July 22 : Los Angeles @ the Robinson House, not sure on the address, w/ Occam's Razor
July 23 : Los Angeles (help!)

If you could book us on any one of those days marked (help!), that'd be so great I can't even fathom it. Either respond to this thread or email redskyetcetera@hotmail.com.

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x-posted like crazy, we like to share music [27 Jun 2004|04:38am]

i hate self promoting but we want to share our music, i put up are whole ep online for you, so listen please and tell me what you think http://www.hxcmp3.com/william_shatner_sings_the_blues
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check it out [22 Jun 2004|08:40pm]

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oh man this song!!!!1 [06 May 2004|10:15pm]

its on the '..... is dead' cd but the mastered version on the 4 way split with end on end etc. just makes me want to cry. soooo soooo sooo beautiful.
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